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Every Moroccan student should have the chance to graduate with 21st century problem-solving and reasoning skills he /she needs for the workplace. Let’s use the challenges COVID-19 pandemic presents on our education system as opportunities to revolutionize student education in Morocco.

Let’s elevate ourselves beyond the familiar time and space issues of a brick-and-mortar classroom and spring to a digital education where student learning is boundless and limitless.
At NETeducation, we have the patience, the skills, and the energy to help your institution jump into a modern and effective education, one that stimulates students to develop skills needed for the workplace.
We work closely with schools, colleges, and universities to meet the needs of their students by providing technical solutions that drive profitability in an ever-changing landscape.

There are no two teaching environments that are exactly the same. From resource availability, to teacher’s skill and comfort level, to each individual student’s needs, each institution has unique challenges. NETeducation is your partner to customize a plan for your institution to switch to 21st century education.

We will guide you through all the steps to make a successful and gradual transformation to a digital classroom where students are engaged in class and at home at the speed of thought and are continuously developing essential inquiry and critical thinking skills relevant not only to their education, but their lives in general.

We will help teachers use the power of the internet to captivate today’s learners and inculcate knowledge in ways that textbooks may not.
NETeducation's first objective is to make the ‘free’ and powerful Google for education platform and tools available to all educational institutions in Morocco from pre-schools to Universities.